Best Books To Read For JAIIB /DBF Exams. : e-Learning

There are free study material available in the facebook groups and on several websites in bits and pieces. Macmillan books are available at atrocious prices in hard copies and these are sold because these have marketing tie-up with IIBF. They profit at your cost!!

The cost of these books are prohibitive and these are in monotonous text book format, which a regular Banker has little time to spare and read at his spare time from routine banking hours.

Bankerz provide bespoke e-books for JAIIB course which can be read on-line anytime, anywhere and makes your preparation for JAIIB/DBF exams. very smooth and comfortable. We not only assure but guarantee that content and coverage in our e-books are much better and you would find these very useful for your reference in day-to-day banking career.

Read sample pages from the book .. just a click away on the e-book section of our web-portal. Look for yourself the quality and content of these e-books. These books are designed and updated exactly as per the latest syllabus of IIBF. These e-books are co-authored by N K Gupta, senior ex-banker with several books on banking to his credit, alongwith ex-banking professionals and are updated as per the recent syllabus of IIBF. These books conform to IIBF syllabus and we are sure you would find the content quite superior to any other similar book available in the markets.

e-books has an advantage that it can be updated quickly than a text book. Besides, you share your bit for the environment also by using paper-less tool for study and save cutting trees to make papers. These e-books are available at very attractive prices at Bankerz  and can be read online on your mobile, tablet or laptop at the place and time most convenient to you. 

Bankerz has made it possible to offer you all the THREE books on JAIIB at a price less than the price of ONE Text book available in the market. WOW !!

New-age technology for tech-savvy bankers !!

 Login to Bankerz, buy the e-books online and the e-books gets populated on your account instantaneously.. start reading e-book immediately on your mobile, tablet or laptop. 

Bankerz also provide top-quality Mock Test packages for your preparation for the coveted exams. Besides, you get 100+ Practice Tests, (refer to the details on the right side boxes containing Practice Tests on various subjects) absolute FREE alongwith the Mock Test package.
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