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Indian Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and State Bank of India conduct different set of recruitment exams for Probationary Officers and Banking Assistants separately for their member Banks and SBI for its own cadre. The announcement of recruitment process of probationary officers and Banking Assistants gives you hardly 2-3 months of time to prepare for the Preliminary exams. , the first and most crucial leg for filtering the huge number of aspirants and select a limited number of serious and meritorious candidates. It is therefore, necessary for you to work harder and diligently to ensure that “you live today to fight for tomorrow”.
We can say that about six months of diligent and methodical preparation for banking job are adequate to prepare for the exam. While it's not
necessary that you begin preparation for banking exams. exactly six months prior to the exam but it will definitely give you ample time to go
over all the topics and revise them for accuracy.
In this blog, we shall discuss the strategy the aspirants should adopt in order to ensure a good score in the IBPS and SBI PO preliminary and
main exams and get a chance to start your career in the Indian banking sector with greater certainty. Usually, one always prepare for SBI and
IBPS exams. simultaneously and it makes sense as mostly the pattern of exams and subjects need to be studied and the level of difficulty are
identical to a great extent.
SBI and IBPS PO Preliminary and Main combined together have, in all a total of six subjects, which you need to spare adequate time and
energies -
English Language,
Quantitative Aptitude and/or Data Interpretation,
Reasoning Aptitude,
Banking Awareness and General Knowledge,
Computer Awareness; and
Marketing Aptitude (specific to SBI exams.)
We recommend that the six months of preparation time should be streamlined methodically and judicious weightage be given to the various
subjects according to your strengths and weakness points so that the preparation for both Preliminary and Main exams. continues from the
begin date.
1st and 2nd month
Make a section-wise list of all the topics from various subjects Start with the ones you find the toughest or have never heard of before. Devote
one hour each on each section so that your fear for these subjects are minimized in these two months.
English language is  the most mark fetching subject, but this requires excellent vocabulary and good command over English grammer.
Therefore, you need to devote enough time every day to fathom the nuances of English grammer and build up your vocabulary progressively.
In case of Banking Awareness, GK, and Computer Awareness, half an hour a day is necessary to develop these concepts gradually. Read IBC
Academy books on Handbook on Banking Awareness, Handbook on Computer Awareness and handbook on Marketing Awareness - a one-stop
solution and authentic content for the banking exams.
Join Mock Test course which offers you 12 Mock Tests for Prelims. Exams. and 10 Mock Tests for Main Exams. besides over 200
full length subject-wise Practice Tests. These are quite exhaustive and simulate the actual online examinations conducted by IBPS and SBI.
These tests would clear your doubts and also provide you  the speed-enhancing techniques and confidence to handle the stress of the
examination. Join the online Mock test course right earnest!!
3rd and 4th month
At the beginning od 3rd month, you would have gone through many topics of almost every subjects on your list. Now you need to begin
focused preparation. Continue with your online Practice Tests and read e-books on These are available at very cheap rates and thus
very pocket friendly indeed.
Now, learn concepts through your e-books and start solving questions topic-wise under the Online Practice Tests on state-of-the-art technology
platform of
You shall spare an hour a day for each subject meticulously. Also focus on learning shortcut tricks for solving lengthy problems.
5th and 6th month
In the last two months, we suggest you accelerate your - online mock test and Practice Tests package available to you. You may
start solving at least 2-3 Practice Test paper in a day and one to two Mock Tests every week. Please don't solve Mock tests meant for main
Exams when preparing for Preliminary Exams. You must focus on the forthcoming exams. and prepare well for the Preliminary Exams. first.
Mocks Test designed for Main exam. would not help you for the exams. on hand and so do not lose your focus. Solving as much Practice Test
would help you identify your problem areas and you can then work on them extensively to improve upon. Mock tests would also get in the gear
for online exam and benefit you on the exam day.
This schedule (even with a little variation) would allow you to cover every topic including revision and give you an edge over other candidates
appearing in the exam.


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